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August 29, 2014

Excellence is not automatic- it is achieved.

I have found this to be true in my personal life
as well as my professional life.
I have recently started a physical regimen which will
bring me to the point of being the best I can be physically.
Through swimming, jogging, and weight lifting, I have seen great changes
being made in my physique.  This is not automatic- it
takes a great deal of work and determination.

The same is true when it comes
to my photography.  I am constantly striving to
learn more and more about this
art form.  By studying and experimenting, I continue
to improve my skills.
These skills are passed on to you - the
customer.  I strive for excellence in
every photograph I take!

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to set up an appointment.

Travis Harbin Photography

August 24, 2014

The music of Anderson

Yesterday while I was meeting with a couple at my
studio about their wedding I heard some
really nice music being played outside.
To be exact it was someone playing a saxophone.
I totally loved this!
It was really nice and soulful.
I hope this person is there again as I will  have 
to ask them if I can get them to play outside by business .

If what I do is take a snapshot of your life, what they
do is provide the soundtrack of your life!

Having lived here my entire life I can tell you one thing.
We have musicians!
We also have a downtown area that is full of life!

So come on down to Anderson.
Check out the music, restaurants, historical sites, and if you have
time drop on by my studio and book a portrait session, or wedding!


A photograph captures a moment in time!

A GOOD photograph will show a person or group
of people with smiling faces in a staged setting.

A GREAT photograph will show

The awe of a groom's face as he watches his bride walk down the isle!

A bride's love as she accepts a ring which symbolizes his love for her above all others!

The overwhelming pride and joy of new parents!

A seniors excitement as he or she looks toward a bright future!

All of these are very special moments in time
which deserve the best photograph
Don't settle for a GOOD picture.
Aim for a GREAT picture!

My desire is to capture  those special
moments in a GREAT way.

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August 17, 2014


From the beginning until the end, a wedding is 
my favorite event to photograph!

So much joy and happiness!
You can feel the excitement!
You can feel the love!

It is such a privilege when a couple chooses me to capture their wedding in pictures!
if you're looking for a wedding photographer for your
special day!
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August 9, 2014

2014 fall weddings

Weddings & Portraits
Weddings start at $550
Portraits start at $80
Current special 
$65 for you senior portrait session!
Dates are starting to fill up.

Give me a call and lets get your wedding or
portrait session booked today!


March 20, 2014

Spring is here

You can feel it in the air.  Hear it in the birds chirping.
smell it with the flowers blooming!
That's right, it is spring once again!
That time of year that marks the beginning of a new chapter in so many lives.
Having done a good number of weddings  there is just something very special about them.  
The coming together of two people to start a new life together.
Wedding are truly something special!

If  you're still looking for a wedding photographer this spring, or planning ahead to 
the summer and fall wedding season
Give me a call and book yours today!
Dates still available!

February 20, 2014

Just around the corner!

It is still February, but on days like today it gets you thinking
about spring!

Short sleeves, birds chirping and in the 70's, but alas.
It isn't even March yet. 
The good news is there is still plenty of time to book
your Easter, Prom, and Wedding Photography!

Come on by my studio at 138-B Suite 3 N Main St in Anderson, SC
In the law offices beside Blake & Brady!

Easter Portraits  $80-$110
Prom pictures  $70 per couple, or $50 per couple
when  you and 2 of your friends book a session with you!
Weddings starting at $550

Call or drop by today and book your session, or wedding!


February 12, 2014

Winter Storm Pax

I decided to venture out this morning around 9:30 in  downtown Anderson.  Took a few shots while there.
Our downtown area has come along way and is a great place to take pictures.  Be it the old courthouse,  or Wren park.  There also a lot of nice shops, and restaurants along Main St near the square, and of course my studio at 138-B N Main St.  Suite 3.  So drop on by sometime!

This is a great day for booking that portrait session or wedding.
Call 864-356-9080

February 8, 2014

A week in the books

A week is now in the books, and what a week it has been!
Would like to thank everyone who has dropped by or called!
The great thing is that it will only get better here at

There is still a week left on my Valentine Special!
No hidden fees 
1 8x10
3 5x7's
30 min to an hour photo shoot in
downtown Anderson. 
 Need only book by 2-16-14 
to get this offer at $50

Dates are starting to go, but plenty are left for weddings.
Packages start at $550.
Call today to book your wedding!