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October 31, 2014

Nice weekind for picking a photographer!

Here in the upstate of South Carolina it is suppose to be cold this
weekend!  That means it is a great time to look through that family album, and reminisce of days gone by.
A couple remembering those I vows through pictures while
at the same time looking at that oh so adorable picture of there children!
So this weekend while it is a little chilly outside.
Book yourself a portrait session!
If you are planning that up and coming wedding for 2015 and beyond It is also a great time 
pick the photographer you want
to capture those special memories!

Travis Harbin Photography

Call today and book your photographer


October 19, 2014

Fall portraits

Fall Portraits

Once again that time of year is upon us.  The leaves in the upstate mountains should be peaking in the next weekend or two!  This a great time to book your fall portraits.  Whether is along Scenic hwy 11, Greenville's Falls park, Clemson's Botanical Gardens, or one of the many locations here in Anderson, SC.  I cover the entire area if you are looking for a photographer for you fall portraits, or planning that future wedding!

Call me at 864-356-9080

Travis Harbin Photography

October 12, 2014

Peak fall colors

Fall is a great time of year for taking pictures.
The temperatures are cooler, and there is more color.
Right now I think we are about a week up to 3 weeks out here in Anderson.
I however think that the mountains of South  Carolina will be hitting there peak the
weekend of 10/24/14 through the weekend of 11/8/14.
If you're looking for a photographer for your fall portraits, give me 
a call at 864-356-9080

September 24, 2014

Don't you just love this time of year!

Once again it is fall!  The days are starting to get shorter 
and the temperature is getting cooler.  Not much longer before
the leaves start changing!

This is a great time to book your portrait
session.  Whether it is for you alone, or an entire family!

Also a great time to book your photographer for that fall
wedding, or planning ahead for that 2015 wedding!

Give me a call at
and book your photographer today!

Travis Harbin Photography

September 14, 2014

Nature Photography

Nature Photography

Nature photography is something I've always enjoyed doing in my
spare time.  I've photographed everything from butterflies, and flowers,  to
lizards and mushrooms!

The subject of choice today is the mushroom.  Here in Anderson we
are currently having some damp and cooler weather.  The perfect mix
for mushrooms.  These pictures were taken in about a 15 minute walk
around the yard.  Enjoy!

I'm always clicking as you can tell.
So next time your need a photographer
for portraits, and or weddings give me a call at,


Travis Harbin Photography

September 12, 2014

Portraits, weddings, and a quinceanera! Oh my!

With bookings for portait sessions, and weddings already on the
docket,  I can now include my first Quinceanera of the year!
 Things are definitely  on the move at,

Travis Harbin Photography

There are still dates left this year, and it is never to early
to plan for 2015!

Individual and family portraits


Senior pictures

Prom pictures




and much more!




book your session today!

September 10, 2014

Get your pictures in a timely manner!

A side from giving my clients images they will cherish
for rest of their lives.  I also take great pride in a 
fast turnaround!
My clients are always able to view their pictures with in a week for weddings, 
and days for portrait sessions.
Once you've had a chance to look over your images and made your selections
based on your package.  I get to work!
The last wedding i done the images were up in a few days,  images selected, 
and prints delivered inside of 2 weeks.
The reason for my expediency is a focus on
a great customer experience for you!

Book your portrait session, and wedding to today!


Travis Harbin Photography

September 9, 2014

Things are going great!

I usually save a blog like this for the end of the year,  but i just had to share!
This has been a great year at

Book your
or Portrait session 
today, and be a part of the excitement!


September 3, 2014

There is always excitement in the air!

There is always excitement in the air!
This week it is a combination of time off and several photography jobs!
After a weekend long stay in Atlanta this past weekend I look to get back to weddings this Sat.
Fall along with spring are my favorite times for shooting weddings.  Just a freshness in the air, 
and plenty of color.  Having said that,  I love shooting weddings any time of the year.
It is also a great time for portraits whether it is a single or
a family session.

So if your planning a wedding, or in need of a photographer
for your family portrait session give me a call
e-mail me at